Hexagon AB

We're here to support you if you need to change the way you work

As global efforts to manage the spread of COVID-19 continue, we hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

Hexagon has asked that our employees work from home during this chaotic period — and we realize that you may need our help to work from home to keep your business running.

As always, our customers are our first priority, and so our mission remains the same: to stand by your side.

To assist you in facing these unprecedented challenges, we now offer a range of opportunities for all customers to connect remotely to your software. It is our hope that these new options provide the flexibility and connectivity you need to remain as productive as possible.

See the options you have to work remotely

OPTION 1: Move your license to another computer

You can move your license to any computer and use the software installed.

Please follow instructions on the customer portal.

Click Here to access the customer portal

OPTION 2: Use a remote desktop solution

If you have a remote desktop solution via VPN you can connect from any PC to a PC on your office network and use the software installed.

Please contact support if you have questions.

Click Here to access the customer portal

OPTION 3: Request a short-term license for your home PC

If you are unable to move your software licenses from work to home, we can also help with short-term software licenses to enable working from home.

Contact Your Local Support For More Information

As always, our support and sales teams remain available to answer your questions. By utilizing digital and online tools, all of our staff are reachable during normal working hours to help you through this difficult period.

As circumstances are  continuously changing, we will contact you in due course if you have any training courses or onsite consultancy booked.

Again, we hope that these new opportunities will provide greater stability and security for you and your business in these uncertain times.

Please stay tuned for further updates and, above all, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

The Hexagon Team