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Available via accessible monthly subscriptions with no up-front investment or long-term commitment.

Hexagon provides flexible subscription and payment options to allow your business the freedom to choose. Our subscriptions come in multiple packages, so you can find one that fits your requirements best, with the added benefit of paying via direct debit.

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Hexagon AB


VISI is a sophisticated CAD-CAM solution that offers surface and solid modelling, comprehensive machining strategies, 3D tool design, sheet-metal development, and plastic material flow analysis.

Hexagon AB


WORKNC is CAM software designed specifically for tooling manufacturers who require a high level of surface finish, strategies for machining complex geometries, and expert 5-axis control.

Hexagon AB


NCSIMUL supports collision-free, flexible CNC machining by offering automated processes that boost productivity. The solution generates digital twins of actual machinery to check NC programs for errors and collisions. Programs can also be converted in NCSIMUL for use on different machine types and controls.


Hexagon AB


EDGECAM offers an extensive range of 2-5 axis milling, turning, mill-turn and wire EDM strategies, seamless CAD integration and sophisticated automation tools.

Hexagon AB


RADAN is specialized CAD-CAM software for the sheet-metal industry that offers applications for design, punching, profiling, bending, and production management.


JAVELIN MRP and production control software provides intelligent and scalable solutions for your manufacturing needs. This advocates direct productivity improvements and detailed management information.