Request to terminate current Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) with Hexagon

In completing the form below, we hereby confirm our wish to terminate our Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) with Hexagon with immediate effect. We fully accept that upon termination the following benefits to support our critical business functions will no longer be available to us:
  • Engineer support onsite in the event of a critical failure and loss of system functionality
  • Access to Technical Support Helpdesk for user assistance via phone, email or web
  • Access to extensive knowledge database via Customer Support Portal
  • Access for new or existing engineers to attend training courses on product usage
  • Support on developing new post processors for new machines purchased
  • Access to Designer Companion
  • License protection via a replacement dongle or software in the event of theft, loss, accidental damage or fire or when you have revoked your license and you wish to re-license against new hardware
  • Updates to the latest software versions:
    • supporting future operating systems or PCs
    • required to load the latest CAD files / model formats
    • required to implement new enhancements or fixes
    Access to Workflow Solids, allowing solid models to be created in the workflow environment, and to the Advanced Customization Module (ENPCI-J) which enables features such as JavaScript Webforms, Customization Plugins, Workflow themes, Custom dialog masks
    Access to advanced editing features for Reports, Parametric Sketcher and Automation Manager

We also understand that:

Should we require software update or technical support with our Hexagon product(s) after 3 months from the last SMA expiry date, we will need to purchase a new software subscription for a minimum term of 12 months.

In 4 years from the last SMA expiry date, our Hexagon license(s) will move into a Sunset State, so they cannot be upgraded, edited, revoked, lock code changed, supported, annual license issued or manipulated in any way.

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