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Southern Cabinets manufactures distinctive custom cabinetry while exceeding customer expectations with CABINET VISION

Founded in the days of hammer and nail, Southern Cabinets manufactures distinctive custom cabinetry without skimping on the quality that makes the company a customer favorite.

Based in Waco, Texas, Southern Cabinets produces cabinetry and millwork primarily for new residential construction, which accounts for about 90 percent of its business. From top-of-the-line bathroom and kitchen cabinets to islands, mantles, and more, the company is dedicated to exceeding expectations.

“Our employees are the heart of our business, and we have been blessed to have great staff who take pride in their work and understand that our continued success is in the quality of the work,” Holt says. “Each step they take in building cabinets is an important part of the whole process.”

To manufacture its custom products, Southern Cabinets uses a range of equipment, including CNC machinery programmed with the CABINET VISION design-to-manufacturing solution, by Vero Software. Holt, who has used the software for over two decades, relies upon the solution’s time-saving features to remain efficient and competitive.

“We got the software because we wanted to move into cutting with CNC equipment and CABINET VISION is, in my opinion, the best in the world for building cabinets,” Holt says. “I have looked at other software, but it doesn’t do what CABINET VISION does.”

While the solution is designed to generate CNC code, it also deftly handles multiple elements of efficient cabinet production, including renderings, cutlists, materials management, process automation, and more.

“Because of the software and CNC processing, employees are released from worrying about whether or not what they’re cutting is correct,” Holt says. “Now their focus in on assembling the cabinets and how well all of the small details are done — the quality of the finished job.”

A job in CABINET VISION begins with entering the dimensions of the room in which the project will be installed, followed by the dimensions and details of the actual project.

"CABINET VISION has everything we need, and they keep it up to date, create new tools, and make it better all the time.”

Rodney Holt, owner

Before implementing the software, Holt and his team drew customer layouts by hand, a practice to which many shops continue to adhere. Today, Holt and his team use the solution to create professional, realistic renderings that offer both a “wow” factor and a clear picture of the entire project.

“The software lets you draw everything to scale so that the customer can see the cabinets and every aspect of the project as close to the real thing as possible, which also helps with explaining details as needed.”

Once the project design is complete, the team at Southern Cabinets generates G-code with the click of a button. The company uses CABINET VISION to cut cabinet-box parts, as well as dadoes, holes for adjustable shelves, specialized openings for electrical connections, special shaping, and more.

“Our goal is to build the best cabinets in our area, and I believe that we have achieved this,” Holt says. “The quality achieved with CNC is incredible. We don’t miss parts when we cut, and everything is correct the first time. It all fits together perfectly, like it was grown together.”

Moreover, Holt says, he’s able to achieve and fine-tune specialized processes by experimenting with new methods that differ according to material type, part type, and more. CABINET VISION offers a range of construction options that allow users to customize and standardize preferences by making it easy to store and reapply best practices.

“There are several ways to set up the process of how the software runs the CNC machinery,” he says. “By exploring the options, you can find the best cutting pattern for each material or each special part that you are trying to cut.”

In addition to CABINET VISION’s practical manufacturing tools, it offers users the ability to determine exactly how much material will be needed for each job. The combination of precise cutting operations and the ability to accurately track required material amounts quickly reduces waste.

“You can use this capability in the software to order for each job, so you don’t have money tied up in unnecessary material — or just tied up in material at all,” says Holt, who takes advantage of CABINET VISION’s nesting functions to further maximize materials and reduce error, as nesting by hand is often an arduous endeavor.

“We use less material because the software nests the material efficiently, but we also save time and material because it doesn’t make mathematical errors,” Holt says. “There are just fewer errors all around.”

Holt has experimented with other solutions, but found that CABINET VISION best suits the needs of his shop.

“CABINET VISION has everything we need, and they keep it up to date, create new tools, and make it better all the time,” Holt says. “I have other cabinet shops come to my office to preview the software running my CNC, and most of them decide to try it out for themselves because they can see what a big difference it makes.”

About the Company

Name: Southern Cabinets

Business: Distinctive custom cabinetry

Website: southerncabinets.net

Benefits Achieved

  • Employees are no longer concerned with making errors and can devote more time to ensuring quality
  • Greater ease in showing finished projects and explaining job details to customers
  • Reduction in errors and material waste


“CABINET VISION has everything we need, and they keep it up to date, create new tools, and make it better all the time.”

Rodney Holt, owner


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