EMO Encore

RADAN 2016 On Show At EMO Encore

RADAN, the sheet metal software, will demonstrate their major new release at the EMO Encore event which is taking place at Mazak’s European Headquarters in Worcester.

Mazak’s EMO Encore event is a chance for those who may have missed the highlights from the recent EMO Milan show. Visitors to the event will see over 20 machines in live cutting action, including machines previously only seen at EMO Milan. Visitors will also be introduced to the latest innovations in CNC metal cutting and laser processing.

RADAN 2016, containing a number of major technological steps to improve CAD/CAM, Radbend, Radm-ax and Radtube functions, will be showcased at the event between 8th – 11th December at Mazak’s impressive Technology Center.

And with a closer link between the software’s individual modules, RADAN 2016 includes a style of program and file-type icons, giving it a more unified feel. The EMO Encore Event provides a great platform to showcase the latest release which underlines RADAN’s intention to continue investing heavily in developing their software.

Commenting on the latest release, Product Manager Olaf Körner says: “RADAN is actually a whole suite of connected products. For example, there is a major connection between 3D in CAD/CAM and the Radbend press brake software. When manufacturers unfold a model they need to know how the bend process will be affected further down the production line. And when we bring in a 3D file we don’t know what’s in it; there might be a tube, or something that needs to go to the Radm-ax 5-axis laser system. So technologically it made sense to bring the products much closer together.”

The EMO Encore event turns the spotlight on Mazak’s latest machines; giving visitors the chance to see Mazak’s new innovations and learn about manufacturing of the future. One of the event’s highlights includes live machining operations such as the OPTIPLEX 3015 Fiber || 4Kw machine which offers users ultra-high speed cutting and has the ability to cut the finest widths and most difficult reflective materials.



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