Major New Project Feature in JAVELIN 2017 R1

A major new feature is introduced in the latest release of the powerful JAVELIN production control system from Vero Software.

In response to a number of customer requests for ways of managing non-manufacturing functions such as design and programming, JAVELIN developers have created the new Project Management function. They focus on managing or tasking users outside the direct manufacturing sphere.

The new module in JAVELIN 2017 R1 allows structured tasks to be defined within a specific project plan with standalone target dates, or with inter-dependency on other tasks. Planned times can be assigned to specific staff, and the progress monitored both in time and cost against estimate.

JAVELIN Customer Service Manager Roland Porter says: “The whole suite has been developed to make full use of SQL, providing real time updates of progress, predicted completion dates and costs at any level of the project hierarchy.”

Projects can be associated with Works Orders, Sales Orders, or Estimates, with the costs of working on the various, individual tasks can be added to the overall cost of that particular element.

Other new and updated functionality includes:

User Tasking: A reworking of the underlying data structure allows it to link to more trigger points than before.

Notes or Actions can now be assigned against Parts, Suppliers, Customer, Sales Order/Line, and a number of others, tasking users to perform actions to resolve underlying issues, and evolving a complete trail of associated activity as a series of simple, editable notes.

A new Task Dashboard will display outstanding tasks against the specific user in CRM and Projects where applied, as well as within Action Notes. Users can review and interact with these tasks directly, without having to move to other areas of the system.

Shop Floor Data Capture Feedback: Roland Porter says: “This enhanced functionality means the user is alerted immediately an issue arises. Previously, only a periodic run of the WIP Booking Validation report highlighted when operators made incorrect bookings. Now, as well as these being logged and the WIP processing aborted, JAVELIN emails selected employees immediately a mistake has been made.”

SFDC terminals can now be customized, so that only selected work centers can be used for booking scrap or hold a Works Order. “This makes it easier for operators to concentrate on their specific duties.”

Operators can now add comments as they complete bookings, stored against each booking, and can be examined via Works Order maintenance.

Advanced Scheduling Inquiries: A new suite of inquiries and reports have been added to make the most of Advanced Scheduling. These now show scheduled times as well as dates, and allow more drill down to source information and clearer analysis of important results within each screen.

Improved Outwork Control:  The Outwork Control in JAVELIN 2016 R1 has been enhanced to allow the user to:
•    Logically combine multiple jobs for the same process going to the same supplier, onto one Purchase Order.
•    Incorporate price books linked to the operation or process spec.
•    Control minimum order charges.
•    Process outwork in alternative units of measure – e.g. manufacture in ‘each,’ plate by ‘Kg.’

Streamlined Quotations:  Quotation Maintenance screen have been redesigned into a similar format to Sales Orders. All fields required for a single price break quote are now contained within the main Items screen. “Users now only need to visit the Price Break button if they want to quote multiple price breaks,” says Roland Porter.

Quote and Quote Item Discount have also been incorporated, and these fields prepopulate their equivalents on the Sales Order, when confirmed.



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