Polytechnics Licenses donation & Partnership

Vero Donates 1,400 Design Licenses To Polytechnics

Vero Software has formed a business partnership with Korea Polytechnics and donated 1,400 design licenses to educate its students in CAD.

Korea Polytechnics is the foremost vocational college in the country, and will use the donated CAD/CAM solutions for research and development, as well as teaching students at 32 campuses and affiliated institutions.

The software seats provide a variety of functions, from surface and solid modeling, through to mold flow analysis, sheet metal development and tool design, which the Polytechnic is confident will help educate students seeking to become specialists in the design field.  

“The partnership strengthens mutual co-operation between industry and academia, as well as promoting human and material exchanges, ensuring future designers have knowledge of the world’s leading CAD/CAM software,” says Lee Woo-young, Chairman of Korea Polytechnics.

And Vero Chief Executive Steve Sivitter says: “We hope to make an important contribution in nurturing highly-skilled professionals who will lead the future growth of Korea’s mold industry, by supporting education and developing the curriculum.”


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