Celebrating 30-year Partnership Success between MW Programmation and ALPHACAM

ALPHACAM’s official distributor for Switzerland and Austria, MW Programmation, recently celebrated its 30-year anniversary marking the occasion at their annual open house. It was a double celebration as they once again received the ALPHACAM Reseller of the Year Award.

Director Marcel Weber says: “We were honoured that Michael Pettit, the ALPHACAM Sales Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Asia, traveled to Switzerland from the UK to celebrate this very special occasion with us and personally present the award.”

“More than 200 participants regularly attend these annual open houses, and it’s an opportunity for them to benefit from the expertize of the MW Technicians and to familiarise themselves with the latest developments of ALPHACAM.”

He says ALPHACAM’s latest innovations and improvements were particularly well received, including the user experience which has been improved in a number of ways, to simplify, automate and speed up the workflow, including restyled dialogs to provide a more intuitive layout, with images and tooltips included to help the user.

One example is the new 3D Machining dialog which provides the interface to multiple machining strategies in a consistent manner.

The new “Advanced” 5-axis module makes it possible to easily program complex parts into 3 and 5-axis using various machining strategies. “In particular, it offers easy and limitless programming of solids, the management of the tools inputs/ outputs and trajectories between the operations, as well as the collision avoidance between the tool, the tool holder and the piece or machine elements. The Helical or Spiral Stock Removal option available as a 2D Machining strategy for Rough or Finish has also proved very useful.”

ALPHACAM’s Automation Manager includes several new options that provide flexibility and performance improvements, including:
•    Automatic program creation, using operation ranges
•    Feature Extraction - From Faces: An option that enables the user to extract the solid body outline of the part.
•    The ability to copy and paste styles in the layer mapping setup tree. Settings are retained when copying, enhancing efficiency by removing the need to re-apply settings each time a style is applied to a layer. It is also possible to copy and paste a complete setup.

Other improvements include: file format compatibility enabling the import of PDF and Adobe Illustrator files; a tool for the simplification of STL files, enabling faster simulations; File Inserter making it possible to slide automatically into ALPHACAM various elements, such as: geometries, solids, roughs, clamping and machine elements.; and the addition of 2D Transform for faster handling of geometries; move, rotation, scale, deformation.

“All these improvements make the user experience within ALPHACAM more realistic and speed up the end-to-end simulation process,” says Marcel Weber.

MW Programmation provides its customers with more than just the software – in close co-operation with ALPHACAM’s office in the UK, it ensures the development of post processors for all types of CNC machine tools, and implements tailor-made solutions, such as the creation, customization or automation of functionalities, suitable for the individual conditions of use.

The company also develops ALPHACAM modules for specific applications. “These include the new ‘ALPHACAM Swiss Lathe’ module which we’ve presented at our open house information days, and has been available since early in the year.

“This tool makes it possible to easily configure various bar-turners by only configuring what’s necessary, meaning the NC code for complex operations can be obtained without having to program the complete part. For example, let’s imagine a small bar-turning workshop that rarely uses its FAO program, can now use this module to create the operation it needs – automatic creation of the part, the rough, or the plan – and generates the code for all bar-turners with just one post processor.

“Training is also part of the services we offer, and includes courses for beginners and experts.

“We believe the success of MW Programmation is founded on a trust-based relationship and long-term collaboration with our customers and by always endeavouring to exceed their expectations. Continuing this way we foresee a good future for MW Programmation.”



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