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JAVELIN Update: Figuring It Out,  e = mc2

The latest release of JAVELIN production control software gives manufacturers the ability to efficiently generate Works Orders for potentially thousands of similar parts without having to generate individual Part, Bill of Materials and Routing records.
This major update in JAVELIN 2013 r2 revolves around Configured Parts, and was customer driven. When entering Sales Orders, users can now define and store parameters and options for their parts – Bill of Materials and routing values can be defined by various formulae.

General Manager Paul Holmes says these calculations can be used when raising Works Orders for all configured parts. “Standard costing has always been in the JAVELIN system as the basis of Estimating and Costing. But now Quotes can accept parameters, generating the actual cost of the configured part. This customer driven improvement enhances the control of manufacturing and materials without having to generate individual part record data.”

Another new item of functionality included at the specific request of customers is a security feature. Main maintenance programs for aspects such as costs, parts, suppliers, Sales Orders and Works Orders can now be configured by the customer, restricting access to certain users.

Other updates include:

  • Tool Purchasing:  The system now allows for the purchasing of tools and the Tooling interface has been improved.
  • Crystal Documents: Pick List Print now has an option to print a user defined Crystal Document. “We’ve also added a new program, Remap Crystal Reports, to the desktop menu. This allows users to change all Crystal Reports in a specific folder and point them at the current database, making it easier to move reports from one database to another.”
  • Shop Floor Data Capture:  A Works Order number search has been introduced to the Start Job screen for more accurate searching from the shop floor and Dynamic Nesting now has a barcode scan option.
  • Data Views:  These SQL structures assist data mining and production of reports. ‘Core Stock’ is a combination of Non Traceable and Serial Traceable details. ‘Part Issue Stock Summary’ shows the total amount of stock, including Quarantine, Consignment and Available. “Also, any outstanding Works Orders and Sales Orders can be seen from these additional data views,” says Paul Holmes. “It’s one thing collecting information, but quite another to put it in a format that’s going to be useful and can be acted upon. Data View does this.”
  • Planning Board Report: Data from the Planning Board can be printed in a Gantt style format.

Still to come from JAVELIN: a new Magic platform will be incorporated into 2014 r2 in a year’s time, enabling JAVELIN to develop more internet-based applications and mobile apps. “Many of our customers sell their products via the internet, and once we have the new Magic platform, JAVELIN will be able to work with a customer’s website and process their orders,” says Paul Holmes.




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