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JAVELIN Goes Mobile

Every second counts in today’s fast moving manufacturing environment, which is why the 2013r1 release of JAVELIN ERP software focuses on ways of saving companies up to a man-day, every day.

There is something in the release to improve processes for every manufacturer, including gathering and transmitting data wirelessly, a new CRM function, and a major time-saving way of issuing stock against Sales Orders.

JAVELIN Senior Consultant Ian Cartwright says there are even bigger time savings for companies using serial numbered parts and program nesting. “I fully expect they will save several hours every day – up to a full man-day – with Program Nesting and Serial Number Scan enhancements.”  

The new mobile function within JAVELIN 2013r1 was triggered by customer demand. Data monitoring stock in and out is now gathered wirelessly and transmitted from hand-held devices such as scanners and tablets running terminal servers. “We’ve also created specific displays to run on the small screens that these devices have. It enables barcode scanning to pick, locate and check stock, including confirmation that the correct stock is being despatched at the time of picking...all done wirelessly.”

CRM includes a prospects database so that records can be held on a prospect without adding them as a customer. “Users set their own classifications about what information is recorded, and it can all be linked to quotations and sales orders.” An automatic, fully configurable link ensures that raising a quotation creates a diarised follow-up action.

A new Multi Sales Issue function overcomes the time-consuming task of picking stock for individual Sales Orders. “Stock can now be picked by customer, date, or even by the part itself, as well as the specific Sales Order.  One screen shows all the Sales Orders relating to configurable parameters and stock is issued simply by ticking the relevant boxes. This saves considerable time for companies shipping hundreds of items a day.”

Similar time savings are achieved for companies needing serial traceability, by using Serial Numbers Scan which can scan to select or deselect. “If you’re issuing 90 parts from a box of 100, you need only scan ten on ‘deselect,’ and it will keep those on stock while registering the others as having been despatched,” says Ian Cartwright. “Or if you’re only sending a small number of items, you simply scan those on ‘select’.”

Program Nesting exports static nests to third-party software, such as a CAD package, for material optimization and CNC coding. “That will then cover the whole nest with a series of programs,” says Ian Cartwright.  “One nest may need ten programs to run ten times each, and some just once.  Importing that information back into JAVELIN ensures Shop Floor Data Capture records against individual program runs rather than the entire nest.”

Sales Forecasting imports one or more sales predictions, amalgamating them into a master forecast, meaning companies can order material and begin manufacture in advance, against the forecast.

Proof Of Delivery helps exporters meet new legislation which says they can’t invoice customers until the goods arrive. This new function optionally prevents raising of the invoice until Proof Of Delivery has been registered. Then it links scanned physical documents, including the signature sheet, for future reference.

Invoices can now be sent electronically, and Crystal Reporting templates defined to meet individual customers’ specific requirements.

A new form of Part Import for existing parts means that the user can choose specific fields instead of having to import every field. “You just import the information you need to update, rather than everything on the part record,” says Ian Cartwright.


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