Creating a Customer Portal Account

You're experiencing an issue with your software and would like to raize a technical support case. You want to download the latest service pack of the software or look at the release notes of your current version. You need to migrate your keyless license from one computer to another and need to submit your revoke ticket. All of these items and more are available in the customer portal—so how do you get access?

Step 1: Find Your Servercode and User ID

Find a delivery note from Vero Software Limited in your email. If you do not have one, you can contact your reseller or account manager for them to send you a duplicate.

Step 2: Access the Customer Portal

On the web, the site is choose “Create a new account”

Step 3: Populate Requested Information

Enter the information from your delivery note into the fields as indicated, then click “next”

If your contact name already exists but is not yet a portal user, choose the radio button by your contact name. Otherwize, choose the radio button by “New Contact” and then click “next”

On the screen that follows, populate the information associated with your new user login.

Please note:
  • Your password must be between 5 and 20 characters
  • Your user name must be unique across all users of the system—not just within your company

Choose “create a new account”. If your user name is not unique, you will be prompted to choose a different one and re-enter your password:

Once you’ve successfully created your account, we recommend that you take some time going through the various help files that will assist you in navigating the customer portal.