IMTS Staff Survey 2018

Thank you for joining us this year at IMTS 2018. Please fill out this brief survey so that we can make proper arrangements for the show.

IMTS runs from September 10 - 15 in Chicago, IL. Hexagon will be represented in a 30x30 booth, booth number 133114 in the East Building.

If you have any questions about the show logistics or this survey, please contact the show coordinators - Paul Losavio and Sara Tanberg.

Please respond by August 8th.

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The dress code for IMTS will be a Vero Software provided white polo shirt, with black pants and black shoes. Each booth staff member will receive 3 shirts. All shirts will be embroidered with the Vero Software logo.


We have rooms reserved for all staff at the Palmer House Hilton. Your expected arrival and departure dates are provided in the table at the bottom of this form. We have reserved all hotel rooms based on these dates. If you have any conflict with the dates listed, please talk to your line manager. If you're arriving on Sunday, September 9th, please ensure that you are in town to join us for our pre-show team dinner at 8:00PM.

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Additional Comments

Please leave any comments or suggestions below for IMTS 2018. While we cannot guarantee that every suggestion will be implemented, we will try our best to make sure that your voice is heard as we wrap up the planning process.

Data Protection Please indicate your permission for the storage of your details provided in connection with this form.

Employee Name Arrival Date Departure Date
Andy Mears 9/9 9/13
Anthony Golden 9/9 9/14
Bill Horvat 9/9 9/14
Bruce King 9/9 9/14
Chris Ewald 9/11 9/14
Chris LaFleur 9/9 9/14
Dan Hayes 9/9 9/14
David Trammell 9/9 9/14
Dick Allen 9/9 9/14
Gordon Kushner 9/9 9/14
Jim Jackson 9/9 9/14
Joe Sanders 9/9 9/14
Lee Richards 9/9 9/15
Miguel Johann 9/12 9/14
Nick Spurrett 9/9 9/15
Paul Losavio 9/8 9/15
Peter Marton 9/9 9/15
Rick Titus 9/13 9/14
Ryan Hostetler 9/9 9/14
Sara Tanberg 9/8 9/13
Shawn Schwartz 9/9 9/14
Tom Bolen 9/9 9/15
Vic Baker 9/9 9/14