Surfcam - EMEA Production CAM Brand Manager - Reading

The Role

• To be the Product Champion
• To engage with key external stake holders and collect their requirements.
• To produce and maintain the external Product Roadmap
• To ensure the internal detailed Product Roadmap, produced by the Product Managers, and the external Roadmaps are aligned.
• To work with Sales and ensure the product line can be sold successfully in a global market place.
• To work with Marketing and ensure the product line is actively promoted.
• To work with Support and ensure the product line is easily supportable.
• To work with Development and ensure priorities consider Value, Risk and Cost.
• To create a vision for the product line and communicate it through an external Roadmap
• To be responsible for the product line price list
• To manage and promote each product release role out and product release pack.
• To organise effective reseller meetings.
• To be the focal point for all external technical communications of the product line

The Applicant

Key objectives include:
Understand the Customer
Organize and attend customer events to understand exactly how our current customers are utilizing our products. Identify areas of the product that create success for our customers as well as areas of our products that require further enhancement or otherwise leave procedural gaps for their processes.
Specify the product direction
Drive the products forward, look at new market opportunities, technology that is available to be created or sourced. Manage the product Roadmap and create requirements for the next developments.
Identify market opportunities
Analyse sales to understand what products are selling. Help sales teams (direct and indirect) to identify the Unique Selling Points (USPs) as compared to the competition.
Understand the market needs
Work with all sales channels to understand exactly what is important in the short, medium and long term.
Assist with marketing
Work with marketing to help create web content, social media, release notes, case studies, white papers, images and valuable marketing collateral.
Working with development
Responsible for defining what the development team delivers and receiving the product from development and then promoting it to its key global stake holders.
Package the products
Responsible for product packaging and delivery; this will include helping to decide on pricing, ensuring that the products are complete and ready for release.
Identify opportunities and collaborate with other group brands and external 3rd party vendors/OEMs to develop new product solutions.
Understanding the competition
Investigate the capabilities and the weaknesses in our competition and ensure that we either develop or highlight existing functionality to remain ahead.
Group development activities
Working with the PM’s from other brands and Strategic Product Director to ensure that a full knowledge of the roadmaps of all brands are understood and that, where possible, any technology shares or compliances are exploited.

The Requirements

You must have a working knowledge of Edgecam/Surfcam or similar CAM Software.

HNC/Degree level qualification in Engineering or Manufacturing discipline.

Knowledge of CADCAM in a production environment.

Some UK and international travel

We would love to hear from you

To apply, please email a covering letter, giving details of your current package, together with your cv to